PCI Qualified Security Assessor

SecurWires is a PCI SSC authorised company for assessing and safeguarding your Business and Data in interconnected world.

Cyber Security

SecurWires has a team of Data Security and Protection expertise continuously working on new technologies for cyber attacks.

CIS SecureSuite

We are an elite member of CIS, assisting companies with Benchmarks and Technology Hardening to secure their environments.

Why SecurWires?

Your Trusted Partner for complete Cyber Security Services


There are thousands of ports on the server and all it takes one unhandled port to breach the security and manipulate the data and slander the business.

Niche Expertise

Jack of None and Master of One i.e. Cyber Security

Trusted Partner

We analyze and give you the best security advice.

Unmatched Quality

We provide you with the best price and quality solutions.

Proven Professionals

Experienced Team to handle every project.

Our Challenges

Challenges force us to derive an out of the box solutions

Numerous Security and Privacy Compliances

Ensuring the agreement of every Data Security Framework and Privacy Regulations.

Cyber Risk

Effective Security Assessment for identification of the Future Risk.

Identifying Threats for Business

Mapping the imposter element in the system components and environments.

Managing Technology Vulnerabilities

Efficiently identifying and eradicating vulnerabilities to create Strong Foundation.

SecurWires Services

We dwell into the Security Assessments and assist Organizations to get PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and other Security Compliances

Certification and Compliance

We assist to ensure Certifications and Compliance are achieved.

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Cyber Security Consulting

Consultation concerning Cyber Security of your organization.

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Security Testing Services

Inspecting and protecting the system components against vulnerable threats.

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Awareness and

Changing Human Behavior to improve Security and reduce Risk.

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Why Choose Us

A Trusted Cyber Security Partner for every Business


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Trusted Partners

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Innovative Technology

SecurWires Support

We support our clients to address all their security issues within their organization and protect them against cyberattacks.

Security Experts

Dedicated Cyber Security Experts for each project to get the best outcomes, hierarchical monitoring model to ensure 100% satisfaction.


Security Analysis

We carry out complete Cyber Security analysis and explain the complete vulnerabilities in the system components.


24 x 7 support

We provide dedicated expert support 24 x 7 as per project requirement to ensure uncompromised security.

Get In Touch

Connect with our Experts to get Cyber Security Solutions to your specific needs

Perks of Cyber Security

From a Data point of view, Cyber Security is the same as safeguarding the precious diamonds from thieves.

Data Privacy

Your Data, Your Rights!! Protect your Data from unknown entities.

Cloud Security

Secure your files on the cloud from vulnerable elements on the internet.

Application Security

Protect your Intellectual Property from the vulnerabilities and threats.

System Hardening

Make your environment’s foundation strong by hardening the system components.

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